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    With the continuous advancement of the new round of power system reform, the reorganization of power central enterprises has attracted much attention. At present, many positions for the first and second leaders of electric power central enterprises are still vacant, making corporate reorganization full of imagination. On November 20, SPIC held a leadership (expansion) meeting to announce that Jiang Yi, a director and deputy party secretary of SPIC, will serve as the company. General manager. At this point, the post of general manager of SPIC, which had been vacant for half a year, was formally filled.
The CBN reporter noted that Jiang Yi was transferred from China Southern Power Grid to SPIC in May this year. He previously served as deputy general manager of China Southern Power Grid. In May of this year, Meng Zhenping, the former general manager of SPIC, was transferred to the chairman of China Southern Power Grid.
Five days before Jiang Yi became the general manager of SPIC, on November 15, Huaneng Group held a meeting of middle-level and above managers and announced that Shu Yinbiao was the chairman and party secretary of the company. Cao Peixi, the former chairman of Huaneng Group, retired at age. Before Huaneng Group assumed his new position, Shu Yinbiao was the chairman of State Grid. After he left, the position of chairman of State Grid was still vacant. Currently, Kou Wei, general manager of State Grid, temporarily presides over the overall work of the company. Like the State Grid, at present, the position of chairman of Datang Group and Huadian Group has not yet been in place, and the position of general manager of Huaneng Group is vacant. In August of this year, Chen Cheng, chairman of Datang Group, retired at age; in October, Zhao Jianguo, chairman of Huadian Group, retired.
In the industry, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and State Power Investment Corporation, Huaneng Group, Huadian Group, Datang Group, and National Energy are commonly known as "two power grids" and "five power generation groups." Among them, the State Power Investment Corporation was reorganized by the original China Power Investment Corporation and the original State Nuclear Power in 2015, while the State Energy was reorganized by the original Guodian Group and the Shenhua Group.
Promoting the reorganization and integration of central enterprises is a major measure to accelerate the optimization and structural adjustment of state-owned capital. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the reorganization of 38 central enterprises in 20 groups has been completed, and the layout of central enterprises has been continuously optimized. Currently, the number of central enterprises directly under the SASAC has dropped to 96.
Weng Jieming, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, said not long ago that under the new situation, the reorganization of central enterprises should focus on cultivating world-class enterprises with global competitiveness, implementing supply-side structural reforms, industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading, weight loss and fitness, improving quality and efficiency. Play a bigger role.
Recently, it has been widely circulated in the industry that Datang Group and Huadian Group are negotiating merger matters. The two parties have reached an agreement on most of the technical issues of the merger and are waiting for national approval. However, the news has not been confirmed by the two companies. A reporter from China Business News also asked one of the companies about this matter, but did not get a definitive reply.
In addition, Wang Binghua, the former chairman of SPIC, told the media in 2017 that SPIC is in contact with Huaneng Group on restructuring matters. However, an insider told China Business News that with Wang Binghua's departure, the chances of the two companies restructuring have become smaller.
However, what is certain is that the reorganization and integration of power central enterprises will continue. In a video conference held by the heads of central enterprises and local SASACs not long ago, Xiao Yaqing, director of the SASAC, said that it is necessary to promote reorganization and integration, effectively amplify the effectiveness of reorganization, and steadily promote the strategy of central enterprises in the fields of equipment manufacturing, coal, power, communications, and chemicals Reorganization will promote the further concentration of state-owned capital in key industries, key areas and advantageous enterprises that are in line with the national strategy.
"I think the restructuring (of the central power enterprises) will definitely continue, depending on which two are suitable to come together." An insider of a power generation group told a reporter from China Business News. Source: Qinhuangdao Coal Net

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