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People's Daily Online, Beijing, November 11 (Wang Shaoshao) Recently, the 2018 National Energy Internet Conference was successfully held in Beijing. The conference was hosted by Tsinghua University, National Energy Internet Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the alliance), Zhongguancun Intelligent Power Industry Technology Alliance, Zhongguancun Energy Internet Industry Technology Alliance, co-organized by Tsinghua University Energy Internet Research Institute, Beijing Zhizhong Energy Internet Research Institute . Nearly 300 people from the National Energy Administration, Tsinghua University, Energy Internet-related companies, scientific research institutes and other institutions attended the conference.

Conference main venue

The theme of this conference is "Promote Demonstration, Seek Win-Win, and Promote Development". It aims to establish relevant government departments, energy Internet demonstration project construction units, energy Internet equipment R&D and manufacturing and new technology development enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities and A platform for communication between the media to summarize and sort out the new hotspots, new concepts, new technologies, new products, and new trends that China’s energy Internet industry has shown since the last alliance conference in August last year; rational analysis and inventory of China’s energy Internet industry Focus on key research and development directions, guide the direction and establish goals for related enterprises and institutions to promote the construction of the energy Internet.

Sun Jiami, Department of Science and Technology of the National Energy Administration, pointed out that my country's energy Internet industry has undergone active exploration in stages such as comprehensive concept demonstration, academic orientation establishment, talent training start-up, basic technology research and development, operation model design, and new product launches, and is constantly developing. At present, the concept of Energy Internet has been understood and recognized by more people.

You Zheng, vice president of Tsinghua University, chairman of the alliance, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, mentioned that at the second meeting of the first council of the alliance held a few days ago, the first batch of 4 branches was discussed and approved, involving energy and Internet of things information technology. With software engineering, energy Internet engineering technology application, energy Internet standardization, energy digitalization and other professional directions and industry fields, this signifies that the alliance is improving the technology research and development level of the majority of member units, expanding the scale of production and manufacturing, scientifically and rationally designing and planning, and standardizing digitalization. Informatization will improve the management and operation level and other aspects, with the help of branches will play a greater role.

Zhou Xiaoxin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and honorary dean of the Chinese Academy of Electric Power Sciences, gave a report entitled "The New Generation of Power Systems and Energy Internet". He elaborated on the origin of the new generation power system, its main characteristics and the key technologies it relies on at this stage, and then discussed the interdependence of the energy internet and the new generation power system. Zhou Xiaoxin pointed out that the new generation power system is the foundation for promoting energy transition and the core of the new generation energy system; the energy internet based on the deep integration of smart grid and information technology is the development direction of the new generation power system.

Academician Zhou Xiaoxin gave a keynote speech

Liu Jianming, director of the "Smart Grid and Equipment" Expert Committee of the Industrial Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, made a report entitled "National "Smart Grid Technology and Equipment" Technology Key Special Project and Energy Internet. The report introduces the relevant content of the "Smart Grid Technology and Equipment" key science and technology projects initiated during the country's "13th Five-Year Plan" period, and focuses on the development of 8 key national science and technology projects related to the Energy Internet, and related energy resources formed during the promotion process. The key technologies of the Internet, as well as some achievements and industrialization prospects of demonstration projects.

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