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Disc brake for belt conveyor

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Disc brake for belt conveyor

Disc brake for belt conveyor

Brake system is an essential and important function of most mechanical equipment. In large low-speed drive equipment such as belt conveyor and mine hoist, disc brake device is needed. Whether you are
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Disc brake for belt conveyor

Product overview
Brake system is an essential and important function of most mechanical equipment. In large low-speed drive equipment such as belt conveyor and mine hoist, disc brake device is needed. Whether you are in a mine explosion - proof environment or a dangerous dust environment, whether you are decelerating parking or controllable braking, the fine substrate disc braking device meets your needs. Application fields: mining, chemical industry, steel, cement, metallurgy, port, shipping, papermaking, special pump, etc.

product formation
Disc brake device composition: brake, hydraulic station, electric control box


Product introduction
1. Use
KP Z series disc brake equipment is mainly used for: belt conveyor under controlled braking, parking brake on delivery belt conveyor, can effectively prevent the conveyor shipment happened the phenomenon such as speeding, coasters or on shipment by non-return device failure phenomenon of astern.
The braking device can also be used for the controllable braking of other mechanical equipment outside the conveyor, which is suitable for the performance testing and loading control of motor, fan and water pump equipment.
2. Applicable environment
1) it is mainly used in underground coal mine or other bad working environment with explosion-proof requirements.
2) working environment temperature - 20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃; The altitude of the site shall not exceed 1000m; No serious water dripping or water leakage.
3) no significant shaking and severe vibration and impact.
3. Performance features:
Combined with the electric control device, the braking time and braking torque can be controlled, so that the stopping deceleration of the belt conveyor can achieve stable and controllable working braking and stopping within the range of 0.1 ~ 0.3m/s squared. Normally closed brake, when the system suddenly power off, can still ensure the working machine stable deceleration stop.
Characteristics that
1. The brake
With the advanced structural design, the braking force will not be transferred to the piston, which completely solves the oil leakage fault of the brake.
High temperature resistance, low wear rate and stable friction coefficient of the brake shoe reduce the number of replacement and easy maintenance.
Equipped with brake release indicating switch and brake shoe wear indicating switch, it can monitor the working state of the system remotely and in real time.
The brake disc and output shaft can be connected with expansion sleeve, which can be dismantled and assembled quickly and maintained conveniently.
Both ends are available with two complete sets and one station, greatly reducing the cost.
The braking time and braking torque are adjustable.
The connecting pipe of the brake adopts a sleeve joint, which is firmly and reliably installed.
The structure design of the piston is novel, and the clearance adjustment of the brake shoe is more convenient and energy saving.
2. The hydraulic station
The hydraulic system is mainly used to provide and adjust the oil pressure of brake cylinder to change the braking torque.
Configuration of advanced valve parts with reliable performance.
When the system is out of power and in case of emergency failure, the hydraulic station is out of power and pressure unloading, ensuring the equipment to stop slowly.
Both ends of the hydraulic station are energy-saving type. The intermittent operation mode greatly extends the service life of the motor and hydraulic components.
Single loop and manual pump. When the system is out of power, emergency failure, manual pump can be emergency release.
Optional: hydraulic station can be equipped with dual pump double loop system. Hydraulic circuit with one standby, one way of failure can be manually switched to the other way to reduce the time of failure.
3. The electric cabinet
Ending intelligent control, soft braking. With programmable controller (PLC) as the core and equipped with liquid crystal display, the controllable braking function of braking device can be realized.
The control mode based on pressure and time principle is mutually redundant. Even if the sensor fails, the device will not be affected.
Marathon remote real-time monitoring. Remote data transmission through industrial bus; The centralized control of multiple brakes can be realized.
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