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R & D capability

R & D capability


R & D capability


-Excellent specialized and talent teams -

Currently, the company has an experienced and innovative professional research and development team that is led by professors and senior engineers and comprised of doctors and masters. The company launches Industry-University-Research Collaboration with numerous universities (Tsinghua University, China University of Mining and Technology, Shenyang University of Technology, etc.) and scientific research organizations to improve product design constantly, push forward upgrading of product technologies and further serve clients in comprehensive, efficient and pertinent products and solutions.



Advanced design concept and method-

The company adopts advanced computer-assisted electromagnetic design system (MATLAB, Ansoft, etc) and computer-assisted structural design system (Solidworks, Ansys, etc.) in an all-round way. And it applies comprehensive and professional technologies to improve design procedure efficiently from research and development to application and development, providing products and services with maximized value for clients.

Solve clients' key demands -

Guided by clients' demands, the company constructs a complete integration solution for clients to solve their actual assurance demands and provide them with excellent products and services. The company not only researches, develops and launches new products to enrich our production lines but also provides clients with products that can create values better.



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