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Belt conveyor system

Belt conveyor system

Belt conveyor system

1 Overview

Belt conveyor is a kind of machinery that transports bulk materials in a continuous operation mode based on the principle of friction transmission. It is mainly composed of frame, conveyor belt, roller, roller, tensioning device, transmission device, etc.

The Jiaxing branch of Shanghai Nengyun Electromechanical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jingji Technology Co., Ltd., is a technology-based company focusing on R&D, design, manufacturing and service of belt conveyors. The company has mastered the design technology of various types of belt conveyors and has strong strength, and tailor-made belt conveyors and bulk material conveying systems that meet the requirements of users.


2. Product Type

2.1 Universal (mining) fixed belt conveyor (DTL)

The general-purpose (mining) fixed belt conveyor is used as a special tool for horizontal transportation or inclined lifting of materials. It is currently the most used machine in the bulk material transportation industry (non-metallic mines, metal mines, ports, coal washing plants, power plants, etc.) Type, mainly used in occasions where the level or the inclination angle is less than 18°. The characteristic of this conveyor is that the frame is fixed on the bottom plate or foundation, and is mostly used in inclined shafts, main underground roadways and coal preparation plants. Its advantages are mainly reflected in long-distance transportation and large-volume transportation.

The bandwidth series of products designed by our company covers B650mm to B2200mm.


2.2 Light fixed Belt conveyor (DTⅡ and DTⅡ(A))

Light-duty fixed Belt conveyor mainly refers to DTⅡ and DTⅡ(A) standard series products. It is mainly used in the occasions where the transportation volume is small, the distance is short, and the transportation inclination angle is not greater than 18°. The characteristic of this conveyor is that the standard body part mainly adopts the angle steel structure, and the longitudinal beam and the outrigger are mostly connected by welding. . The frame is fixed on the bottom plate or foundation.

The bandwidth of DTⅡ and DTⅡ(A) standard product series covers B650 to B2200 standard designs.

2.4 Scalable Belt conveyor (DSJ)

The telescopic belt conveyor for mines is a belt conveyor used for telescopic transportation in coal mines. It is a belt conveyor for fully mechanized mining faces. It can also be used for roadway excavation transportation or other occasions where the transportation distance changes frequently for material transportation. Working in conjunction with the movable tail, it adds a belt storage device and a belt winding device compared with the ordinary belt conveyor. When the traveling trolley moves to one end, the conveyor belt enters the belt storage device and the tail retracts; Otherwise, the tail is extended. Therefore, the conveyor has a scalable performance.

Jingji Technology Co., Ltd.'s flexible belt conveyor product bandwidth series cover 800mm to 1600mm.


2.5 Large inclination Belt conveyor
The fixed belt conveyor with a large inclination angle is mainly used in occasions where the inclination angle is greater than 18°. Mainly to meet the requirements of large-angle material transportation such as main inclined shafts and dark inclined shafts of coal mines. This kind of conveyor is characterized by the use of deep groove rollers to increase the conveyor belt's inclusion of the conveyed materials, but when the conveying inclination is greater than 28°, a patterned conveyor belt is required to reduce the downward trend of materials. The frame is fixed on the bottom plate or foundation.

Jingji Technology Co., Ltd. wide-angle belt conveyor product bandwidth series cover B1000mm to B1600mm. The maximum inclination angle of stable transportation can reach +32°.


2.6 Belt conveyor
The corrugated rib Belt conveyor is mainly used in occasions where the conveying inclination angle is greater than 35°. The maximum lifting angle can reach 90°. The main parts are similar to the general belt conveyor, but the corrugated rib conveyor belt is used instead of the ordinary conveyor belt.

Jingji Technology Co., Ltd.'s main series of corrugated ribs Belt conveyor covers the bandwidth from B800mm to B1600mm.


3. Application performance


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