NJ low speed contact-type backstop

product description

NJ low speed contact-type backstop

It is the earliest medium and large backstop in China. Using grease lubrication system, compared with ordinary backstops (roller backstops, ratchets, belt brakes), it has light weight, compact structure, reliable force transmission and easy release under the same backstop torque transmission. , Easy installation and low installation accuracy requirements. The inside of the backstop uses a wedge for backstop, and the product has a large carrying capacity. Installed at the low-speed end of the system to realize material terminal backstop and ensure system safety to the greatest extent. This series of backstops includes 13 specifications, and the backstop torque covers 8~700KN.m.

uApplication range

Large inclined belt conveyors, bucket elevators and other equipment should be used as reference.

uMain technical features

 NJ low speed contact-type backstop

1. The initial installation of the product is simple;

2. Grease lubrication is used inside;

3. Long service life and low maintenance requirements;

4. The unique torsion spring design is adopted to make each backstop wedge bear even force.

5. The core parts are manufactured by special technology to improve the wear resistance of the parts;

6. It is certified by Coal Safety and can be used in explosive environment such as coal mines.

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