Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor for cement mill

product name

Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor for cement mill

product description

The permanent magnet transformation of the motor used in cement mills takes into account the advantages of cost and energy saving. The transmission form is a large torque variable frequency permanent magnet direct drive motor; the main reducer, winding motor and its water resistance starting device are eliminated in the direct drive system, and variable frequency permanent magnets are used The electric motor directly drives the pinion gear to achieve system operation, cranking and braking functions. At the same time, relying on its speed control function, the mill can be adjusted to run at the optimal speed to achieve the optimization of system production.

Scope of application

Permanent magnet synchronous motors for cement mills are widely used in ball mills, air swept coal mills, and matching powder separators in the cement industry.

Main technical features


1. The permanent magnet synchronous motor itself has a high rated efficiency (≥95%). At the same time, the permanent magnet motor can keep running near the rated efficiency within the range of 25% to 120% of the rated load, and because the permanent magnet synchronous motor cancels the gear box, There is no transmission loss in the middle, so that the overall transmission efficiency is further improved, and the energy consumption is reduced by 10% to 20% compared with the original asynchronous motor + reducer transmission mode;

2. The heavy-load starting effect is good. The frequency converter is used to control the three-phase permanent magnet synchronous variable frequency motor, which can achieve large torque soft starting (also has the advantages of winding rotor series resistance and large starting torque), and the dynamic tension impact during starting is small. Greatly reduce the impact on electrical and mechanical equipment, compared with the traditional drive mode, under the same load, the dynamic safety factor is higher;

4. Environmentally friendly. For the intermediate link of the wound rotor asynchronous drive system with gear box, the workload of the shaft is increased. At the same time, the regular maintenance of the thin oil station is easy to cause pollution to the use site; the permanent magnet motor uses a small amount of grease Lubrication without liquid oil, can keep the production site clean and tidy;

5. The process has strong adaptability and realizes optimal production. When the system fluctuates or the mill liner wears later, you can adjust the speed to meet the output requirements, and at the same time, you can find the best running speed during the operation, so as to achieve the system with the lowest power consumption, the lowest ball consumption, and the highest output. ;

6. The frequency conversion permanent magnet direct drive system adopts the one-to-two frequency conversion soft start measure, which can greatly reduce the one-time investment cost and increase the return on investment.