Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor for reciprocating compressor

product name

Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor for reciprocating compressor

product description 

The three-phase permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor for reciprocating compressor independently developed and produced by Jingji Company is divided into two series of TAPY/TZPY series increased safety type/positive pressure shell type. As the prime mover of reciprocating piston compressor, it is widely used It is used in petroleum, chemical, coal chemical, pipeline and storage and transportation, natural gas liquefaction and other industries. Compared with traditional motors, it has many advantages such as low energy consumption, high transmission efficiency, stable operation, simple structure, and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for various industries. Condition work.

Scope of application 

This series of motors can be manufactured to meet the explosion-proof grade ExeⅡGc specified in "GB3836.1-2010" and "GB3836.3-2010", or the explosion-proof grade ExepzⅡCT4 Gc specified in "GB3836.5-2004", or according to the actual situation of the user It needs to be designed and manufactured into a composite explosion-proof type of increased safety type and positive pressure shell type, which is suitable for explosive gas environments in Zone I and Zone II.

Main technical features


1. The structure of the permanent magnet motor is similar to that of the TAW type motor, with the elimination of the excitation winding, the structure is simple, the operation reliability is higher, and the repair and maintenance costs are much lower than the TAW type motor.

2. The permanent magnet motor has a simple rotor structure, permanent magnet excitation, no excitation winding, de-excitation winding, and rotating rectifier system, which has higher reliability.