Bibby coupling

Bibby coupling 

uproduct description

Bibby coupling It is a kind of "metal flexible coupling". Its special structure design combines the high torque of gear coupling and the flexibility of elastic coupling. It is one of the most advanced transmission coupling parts in the field of mechanical transmission. Based on the original advantages and performances, the T05 series of quick disassembly and assembly snake spring couplings independently developed by Jingji Company and verified by the market for many years completely solves the problem of difficult disassembly and assembly of traditional couplings, and is more economical and reliability.

uScope of application

Shaft connection parts such as belt conveyors, hoists, fans, and pumps.

uMain technical features

1. Anti-shock, damping, changing load, better protection of equipment

The two tooth surfaces of Jingji Bibby coupling are composed of multiple curved surfaces, and the contact area of the tooth surfaces can be determined according to the change of load, so that it can bear the load impact and variable load more, so that the start or load is uneven. Security is improved. And it can absorb a large amount of vibration through the flexible transmission of the spring, and the buffering effect reduces the shock vibration by more than 36%. It is a real transmission shock filter.

2. Quick disassembly and assembly save time and effort

Jingji has developed a new quick-disassembly type snake spring coupling in response to the difficult and time-consuming installation and disassembly of the coupling. It adopts conical surface combination, relying on the tension of several high-strength bolts on the end surface to realize the expansion and tightening function of the shaft hole. It can be used for interference during clearance installation, and it can save more than 70% of time with traditional interference products.

3. Long working life

The conical spring is made of high-strength alloy steel and is treated with a strict heat treatment plan to make it meet the requirements of stronger rigidity and flexibility. The surface of the spring is precision sandblasted to compress the surface structure molecules to achieve the effect of anti-wear and long life.

4. Simple structure and convenient maintenance

The smaller number of parts, lighter weight and smaller volume make installation and maintenance more advantageous and convenient. No special maintenance is required during normal use. As long as there is sufficient grease during installation, the whole grease can absorb a certain amount of noise caused by the transmission. Appropriate grease can be added after work.

5、Low installation requirements and many design varieties

The installation accuracy of Bibby coupling is lower than that of general couplings. The spring can swing freely in the tooth groove of the half coupling sleeve to allow a certain radial, angular and axial deviation between the two shafts. As long as the deviation is within a certain range, it will not affect the working effect of the transmitted force. It will not produce noise and affect life.

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