Motor for air-cooled island fan

product name

Motor for air-cooled island fan

product description

Motor for air-cooled island fan is developed and produced according to the demand characteristics of air-cooled island cooling fans and the characteristics of low-speed permanent magnet motors. The permanent magnet synchronous variable frequency motor replaces the asynchronous motor and the reducer, and is directly connected to the fan to drive, simplifying the transmission chain, eliminating the gear connection, improving the reliability of the transmission system, and reducing the operation and maintenance costs of the cooling fan.

Scope of application

This series of motors are used to drive the air cooling island cooling fan in the power industry.

Main technical features


1. The direct drive is realized, the reducer is eliminated, the intermediate link is omitted, and the transmission chain is simplified. Gearless direct connection, reliability is greatly improved;

2. The motor has low vibration and low noise;

3. The motor has wide load and high efficiency, that is, it still has high efficiency and high power factor under light load, and the energy saving effect is obvious;

4. The motor is basically maintenance-free.