NF high speed non-contact-type backstop

uproduct description

NF high speed non-contact-type backstop uses a special-shaped eccentric wedge for backstop, which is installed at the high-speed end of the system. When the backstop reaches a certain speed, the wedge is separated from the inner and outer ring surfaces under the action of centrifugal force. Realize non-contact operation. This series of backstops includes 11 specifications, and the backstop torque covers 1~25KN.m.

uScope of application

Large inclined belt conveyors, bucket elevators and other equipment should be used as reference.

uMain technical features

1. Non-contact design, suitable for high speed working conditions;

2. The initial installation of the product is simple;

3. Grease lubrication is used inside;

4. Long service life and low maintenance requirements;

5. Adopting a unique torsion spring design to make each backstop wedge evenly stressed;

6. The core parts are manufactured by special technology to improve the wear resistance of the parts;

7. It is certified by Coal Safety and can be used in explosive environment such as coal mine.

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