Brake body of KPZ disc brake

Disc brake device for belt conveyor

product description

    The braking system is an important function indispensable for most mechanical equipment. In large-scale low-speed driving equipment such as belt conveyors and mine hoists, disc brakes are required. Whether you are in an explosion-proof mining environment or a dangerous dust environment, whether you are stopping at a reduced speed or being controllable, the precision-based disc brake device meets your needs. Application industries: mining, chemical, steel, cement, metallurgy, ports, shipbuilding, papermaking, special pumps and other fields.

product composition

   Disc brake device composition: brake, hydraulic station, electric control box
Product Introduction

1. Purpose

The KPZ series disc brake device is mainly used for: the controllable movement of the downward belt conveyor and the parking brake of the upward belt conveyor, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of overspeed, runaway, etc. when the conveyor is downward or upward When the backstop occurs due to the failure of the backstop.

The braking device can also be used for the controllable movement of other mechanical equipment outside the conveyor, and is suitable for performance testing and loading control of motors, fans, and pumps.

2. Applicable environment

1) Mainly used in coal mines with explosion-proof requirements or other harsh working environments.

2) The working environment temperature is -20℃~+40℃; the altitude of the place of use does not exceed 1000m; there is no serious dripping or leakage.

3) Where there is no significant swing, severe vibration, or impact.

3. Performance characteristics:

Combined with the electronic control device, it can control the braking time and braking torque, so that the belt conveyor's parking deceleration is within the range of 0.1~0.3m/s² to achieve smooth and controllable braking and parking. Normally closed brake, when the system suddenly loses power, it can still ensure the smooth deceleration and stop of the working machine.

Brake feature description


●Advanced structural design, the braking force will not be transmitted to the piston, completely solve the brake oil leakage failure.

● The brake shoe has high temperature resistance, low wear rate and stable friction coefficient, which reduces the number of replacements and is convenient for maintenance.

● Equipped with brake release indicator switch and brake shoe wear indicator switch, which can remotely monitor the working status of the system in real time.

●The brake disc and the output shaft can be connected by an expansion sleeve, which is quick to disassemble and assemble and easy to maintain.

● You can choose to support two sets of one station, which greatly reduces costs.

● Braking time and braking torque are adjustable.

●The brake connection pipeline adopts a card sleeve joint, which is firm and reliable in installation.

● The brake head structure is novel in design, and the adjustment of the brake shoe gap is more convenient and labor-saving.