Expansion Sleeve

Product advantages

   1. High-precision automatic positioning
2. Save materials, reduce the volume of the whole machine, and quickly recover costs
3. The shaft stress concentration is low, and the ratio of pressure per unit area between shaft and hub is small
4. It can avoid the corrosion of the joint surface and avoid the extra load of the bolt
5. Standard tools can be used for disassembly and assembly, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly
6. Connectable and non-weldable materials
7. Transmission of large torque and axial force, overload protection
8. Simplify the production process and replace key connections
9. Reduce the processing accuracy and processing costs of holes and shafts
10. Can be installed and disassembled from the outside, and can be repeatedly disassembled and used
11. A N S Y S software performs structural strength analysis to ensure performance
12. Avoid damage to shafts and sleeves caused by shearing forces generated by connections such as keys and pins

Scope of application

   It is widely used in the connection and fixation of the part hub hole and the shaft, such as the connection and fixation of gears, bevel gears, sprockets, impellers, cams, pulleys, flywheels, etc., and shafts. Suitable for all kinds of heavy machinery equipment, such as: conveyors, packaging machines, rollers, shaft machines, crushers, presses, motors, air extractors, textile machinery, paper machinery, woodworking machinery, plastic machinery, foundry machinery, mining machinery , Agricultural machinery, printing machinery.