Hydraulic station of KPZ disc brake
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Hydraulic station of KPZ disc brake

The brake system of the disc brake device is an important function indispensable for most mechanical equipment. In large-scale low-speed driving equipment such as belt conveyors and mine hoists, disc brake devices are required. Whether you are in an explosion-proof mining environment or a dangerous dust environment, whether you are stopping at a reduced speed or being controllable, the precision-based disc brake device meets your needs. The disc brake device is mainly composed of the brake body, hydraulic station, and electric control device.
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  The hydraulic system is mainly used to provide and adjust the oil pressure of the brake cylinder to achieve the purpose of changing the braking torque.


1. Advanced valve configuration, reliable performance.

2. When the system is out of power or emergency failure, the hydraulic station is powered off to relieve pressure to ensure that the equipment stops slowly.

3. All hydraulic stations are energy-saving. The intermittent operation mode greatly extends the life of the motor and hydraulic components.

4. Single circuit plus manual pump. When the system is out of power, emergency failure, the hand pump can be released emergency.

Optional: The hydraulic station can be equipped with a dual-pump dual-circuit system. One hydraulic circuit is used and one is prepared, and one failure can be manually switched to another, reducing failure time.

Application field

   Mining, chemical industry, steel, cement, steel, cement, metallurgy, ports, shipbuilding, papermaking, special pumps and other fields

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