Electronic controller for KPZ disc brake
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Electronic controller for KPZ disc brake

The brake system of the disc brake device is an important function indispensable for most mechanical equipment. In large-scale low-speed driving equipment such as belt conveyors and mine hoists, disc brake devices are required. Whether you are in an explosion-proof mining environment or a dangerous dust environment, whether you are stopping at a reduced speed or being controllable, the precision-based disc brake device meets your needs. The disc brake device is mainly composed of the brake body, hydraulic station, and electric control device.
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1. Intelligent control and soft braking. With programmable controller (PLC) as the core and equipped with LCD display, it can realize the controllable function of the brake device.

2. The control method based on the principle of pressure and time is mutually redundant. Even if the sensor fails, it will not affect the continued use of the device.

3. Remote real-time monitoring. Remote data transmission is realized through industrial bus; centralized control of multiple brakes can be realized.

Application field
Mining, chemical, steel, cement, metallurgy, port, shipbuilding, papermaking, special pump industry and other fields

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