Rigid coupling

One、Rigid coupling

uproduct description

This product is suitable for connecting medium and low speed transmission shaft systems with low rigidity and high neutrality requirements. F05 rigid coupling transmits large torque, but does not have radial, axial, and angular compensation performance, and cannot buffer vibration. It is often used for transmission with stable load, no impact, and high transmission accuracy. Because the installation method of the hub adopts the principle of expansion sleeve, the quick disassembly and assembly characteristics of the expansion sleeve can better protect the safe use of the host equipment and prolong its service life, saving users in the application of low-speed shaft transmission of floating conveyor A lot of precious time.

uScope of application

The low-speed connection parts of fixed drive units such as the floating support drive of the grooved belt conveyor, the bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer.

uMain technical features

1. Large transmission torque and reliable transmission

2. The alignment accuracy of the two connected shafts is high

3. The expansion sleeve connection inside the wheel hub is very convenient for assembly and disassembly, saving time and effort

4. Ordinary bolt connection, easy assembly and disassembly, maintenance

5Using advanced mechanical design software design

6. The main parts adopt finite element analysis

7. Material and heat treatment quality are strictly controlled

8. Use anti-loosening washers to prevent bolts from loosening due to vibration