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Wuzhen Dedicates Energy Internet to the World

Wuzhen Dedicates Energy Internet to the World

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Wuzhen Dedicates Energy Internet to the World

(Summary description)From smart street lights, Internet of Vehicles, photovoltaic monitoring systems, to smart transformers, smart business halls, cloud platforms and big data-based power protection command systems for important activities, Wuzhen Electric Power has become the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other modern information technologies. Assembly point. The conference left the spirit of the Internet to Wuzhen, and the power industry dedicated the Internet of energy to the world.

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  • Time of issue:2018-11-10 08:32
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Polaris Thermal Power Network News: On November 7, the Fifth World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit (hereinafter referred to as the "Internet Conference") with the theme of "Creating a Digital World of Mutual Trust and Common Governance-Working Together to Build a Community of Shared Future in Cyberspace" , Was held in Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province. Inside the venue, State Grid E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was invited to participate as a typical representative of the "Industrial Internet" section of the conference. Outside the venue, Wuzhen, which was deeply influenced by the spirit of the Internet, was permeated with the atmosphere of the Internet of Energy.

From smart street lights, Internet of Vehicles, photovoltaic monitoring systems, to smart transformers, smart business halls, cloud platforms and big data-based power protection command systems for important activities, Wuzhen Electric Power has become the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other modern information technologies. Assembly point. The conference left the spirit of the Internet to Wuzhen, and the power industry dedicated the Internet of Energy to the world.


Gorgeous transformation of the Internet town business hall

There is no business window divided by traditional glass, no paper display boards and brochures, walking into the power supply business hall of Wuzhen State Grid Zhejiang Tongxiang is like entering a science and technology exhibition hall. Multimedia electronic posters vividly display the latest services, and the AR (augmented reality technology) experience area uses wall interactive technology to display the theme of integrated energy services... This is the first "Three Types" in Zhejiang Province, which was unveiled just 11 days before the opening of the Internet Conference. "Yihua" (intelligent, market-based, experience-based, online and offline integration) power supply business halls are in harmony with the Internet spirit of Wuzhen.

Compared with traditional business halls, there are fewer fixed counters and staff, and more self-service experience; less paper business receipts, more online self-service processing; less waiting and noisy, more quiet and comfortable.

"Have you brought your mobile phone, do you want to try to scan the QR code on the wall?" In the AR experience area, the reporter can use the mobile phone to scan the QR code named "energy storage" under the guidance of the staff. , And sliding the "Enable Function" button on the phone according to the prompts, and the electronic display on the side immediately "jumped out" of interesting animations, introducing related effects and cases of "energy storage". The reporter saw that the QR code on the wall of the AR experience area also has topics such as rooftop photovoltaics, wind-solar complementary street lights, scenic lighting, all-electric homestays, combined cooling, heating and power, and energy storage.

The electronic sand table next to the AR experience area simulated the smart repair system developed by the State Grid Tongxiang Power Supply Company. With the voice broadcast of the emergency repair information, the location of the fault location on the sand table immediately glowed in red. After receiving the fault alarm call, the emergency repair system can send the specific information of the fault to the mobile phone of the emergency repair personnel on duty within a few seconds, so that the emergency repair personnel can arrive at the scene as soon as possible.

In addition to the eye-catching electronic sand table experience area and AR experience area, there is a clear difference between the smart guidance platform and the traditional number picking mode. A very modern white circular table is embedded on a smart guidance platform composed of two liquid crystal displays. Customers can enter the mobile phone number or use the ID card to arrange the number. The system will realize intelligent distribution according to the type of business handled by the customer, and With the online appointment function, it saves time for customers.

In addition, the online processing area allows customers to understand the online products launched by State Grid Corporation in the form of interactive experience, guide customers to experience and download the corresponding APP; the self-service area implements multimedia guided services throughout the process, allowing users to handle new installation applications by themselves , Invoice printing and other services; the two open counters in the business handling area transform the cold window service into a paperless and intelligent "Internet +" service...

"Through the online and offline experience areas and mobile apps in the business halls, most of the business has been self-service. The front desk staff in the business halls has also been reduced by half compared with before. The transformation and improvement of the Wuzhen power supply business hall has made the common people's The work efficiency has been greatly improved." The staff of the business hall said.

Wuzhen Power Supply Business Hall is like a window, showing the profound changes Wuzhen Power has adapted to the Internet era.

Interactive utilization of energy in the Internet era

During the Internet Conference, many unmanned vehicles with the "" logo drove on the streets of Wuzhen, and the public could ride anywhere in the connecting area; Baidu also put the world's first Apollo Future Cockpit in the "Internet of Things". "Light" was exhibited in Hall 3, swearing an important direction for Baidu's artificial intelligence strategy. Unmanned driving technology is a new technology brought to people by the development of electric vehicles. The charging piles that have been installed in the Wuzhen scenic spot have written a big "welcome" for their arrival. On the evening of the 7th, a total of about 8-10 vehicles came here to charge more than 660 kWh.

As early as 2015, the Tongxiang City Power Supply Company took the lead in building a new energy vehicle charging pile in the parking lot of Wuzhen Dongzha Scenic Area, covering an area of ​​200 square meters, which can be used to charge 8 cars at the same time. Later, eight charging piles were installed in the People's Park at the entrance of Xizha Scenic Area. Up to now, there are more than 270 charging piles in Tongxiang.

Master Kong Zhangyu, who drove Didi Express in Hangzhou, said that he likes to pick up guests from Hangzhou to Wuzhen. The chartered car costs 800 yuan a day, while the electricity bill only costs 200 yuan, which is much more profitable than driving a gas car.

Since the World Internet Conference permanently settled in Wuzhen, Wuzhen has accelerated the construction of charging piles. In 2016, it joined the "big family" and became a member of the "e charging" platform of the State Grid Internet of Vehicles. After the user installs the APP on his mobile phone, he can search for sites and plan routes anytime and anywhere, and select the nearest charging pile for charging.

Relying on Internet information technology, PV users in Wuzhen have also enjoyed the benefits brought by the Internet.

According to Shi Xiaoqiang, the marketing department of the State Grid Tongxiang Power Supply Company, Wuzhen’s existing photovoltaic capacity of 13648 kilowatts has all been connected to the Jiaxing City’s distributed power intelligent management and control platform to achieve remote monitoring, unified regulation and operation. And through the user's electricity information collection system, the power supply station can monitor the power generation of photovoltaic users to determine the operation of the equipment, detect equipment failures in time, and guide users to repair.

“Sometimes it’s due to user equipment failures, and sometimes due to grid repairs that cause the user equipment to be disconnected from the main network. Without our internet-based monitoring platform, it’s hard for users to know that the equipment has stopped generating electricity to the Internet, wasting resources. We monitor electricity consumption. , You can discover problems in time, inform users, and avoid economic losses." Shi Xiaoqiang told reporters.

Shi Ruxing, who lives in Longxiang Street, Wuzhen, remembers very clearly that a snowfall last winter cut off one of the photovoltaic lines at his home. When Wuzhen Power Supply Station detected that his home’s grid power was zero, he realized that there was a problem with the user’s photovoltaic equipment. , Call Shi Ruxing immediately. "Later, I was contacted by the photovoltaic operation and maintenance company that the power supply station helped me to contact, and I came to check the photovoltaic equipment and let my home resume photovoltaic power generation. Now everything is fine, and I can receive the money earned from power generation every month." Shi Ruxing continued to power Express thankfulness.

The Internet enhances the effectiveness of important power protection command

"Jiaxing main network command sub-center is in place! Tongxiang distribution network command sub-center is in place!" At 10 o'clock on November 7th, at the Fifth World Internet Conference·Wuzhen Summit Power Supply Field Command Center at Wuzhen Power Supply Station, through the scene The interactive large screens and the three command centers in the three places form the "iron triangle" command system.

Gao Xiaofei, deputy commander-in-chief of the Internet Conference and deputy general manager of the Tongxiang Power Supply Company, told reporters that the "important activity power protection command system" used in the Internet Conference was developed and deployed based on the Zhejiang Electric Power Company’s Zhejiang Power Cloud Platform, and was the first in the country The "Important Activities Power Guarantee Command System" based on the development and construction of the "big cloud, moving intelligence" technology. The system integrates 14 sets of business system data such as production, vehicles, and meteorology through a cloud platform, integrates 5 application groups of power transformation, transmission, distribution, dispatch and logistics services, realizes 6 modules and 22 application scenarios, and realizes remote power grid Diagnosis, remote control, rapid analysis, and active repairs provide solid technical support for the successful completion of the power supply mission of the World Internet Conference.

"Look at the power distribution room of the International Conference Center here! In order to ensure that the power supply of the World Internet Conference is foolproof, the customer’s power distribution room has also been connected and incorporated into our command system. Every device and every connector in the power distribution room The operation status of the system is under our control.” The reporter followed the direction pointed out by Gao Xiaofei and saw three real-time images of the power distribution room displayed in the lower left corner of the large screen of the on-site command center. At this time, the map in the upper left corner of the screen shows the location of all power substations, the upper right corner of the screen is the trend map of the Internet conference, and the lower right corner is the data information such as lines, personnel, and vehicles.

The six modules of the Zhejiang Electric Power Company’s important activities of the power protection command system are panoramic overview display, panoramic visualization display, power management, power resources, grid monitoring and power command. At the time of the reporter's interview, a panoramic visualization display module was being displayed on the large screen on site. The panoramic visualization display page mainly uses GIS geographic information as the carrier to realize the quick operation of the visual elements such as power users, teams, personnel, stations, lines, and combined with "function navigation" to fully realize power management, power resources, and power grids. Functional requirements such as monitoring and power protection command.

"Look, the left column is the legend column. You can control the display and hiding of icons on the map. You can display a certain category of icons. For example, click on the "line text" to display all the lines; you can also display a certain line separately. For subcategories, such as clicking the picture to expand the legend, and clicking the text of the 10kV line, the 10kV line will be displayed. The icon in the map can be viewed by right-clicking to view detailed operations, for example, clicking on the vehicle, you can view the vehicle’s ledger information and history Trajectory information.” said the on-site staff.

"If you enter the power-guaranteed command module, you can visualize the real-time tracking of equipment failure handling and the work of the emergency repair team. Once the conference fails, it will be very convenient to assist us in decision-making and allow us to conduct failures. It’s like being on the spot’ command. This system will soon be applied to the United Nations World Geographic Information Conference in Huzhou," Gao Xiaofei told reporters.

The Internet conference on the first day ended very smoothly under the strong power guarantee. At night, Wuzhen was quiet and peaceful under the illumination of street lights.

The reporter learned that Wuzhen street lights are not ordinary street lights. It has been fully integrated into the smart street lamp cloud service platform, which can automatically switch and adjust the brightness according to factors such as latitude and longitude, weather, traffic flow and vehicle flow. At the same time, it realizes the remote and intelligent single-lamp control of street lamps, and accurate repairs.

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