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New coal reserves in 2017 were 81.556 billion tons

New coal reserves in 2017 were 81.556 billion tons

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New coal reserves in 2017 were 81.556 billion tons

(Summary description)Recently, at the 2018 China International Mining Conference, the "China Mineral Resources Report 2018" compiled by the Ministry of Natural Resources was officially released.

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Recently, at the 2018 China International Mining Conference, the "China Mineral Resources Report 2018" compiled by the Ministry of Natural Resources was officially released.

   The report shows that as of the end of 2017, my country's coal reserves were 1,666,673 million tons, an increase of 4.3%; the newly discovered coal reserves in 2017 were 81.556 billion tons.

   In 2017, 109 new mineral deposits were discovered nationwide, including 8 coal mines; 3 coalfields with newly added resources exceeding 5 billion tons were discovered.

  Note: These three coal fields are all located in Xinjiang.

Discovered reserves of major mineral resources↓

Important mineral exploration newly discovered resource reserves↓


In terms of investment in geological exploration, gold, copper, coal, and lead-zinc mines are dominated by non-oil and gas minerals, accounting for 34.0% of the country’s total investment in non-oil and gas mineral exploration. Compared with the previous year, the investment in gold, copper, coal and other minerals fell sharply, of which coal fell by 3.1%.

   In 2017, China’s mining industry’s fixed asset investment was 920.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 10.0%, and the fourth consecutive year of decline. Among them, coal mining and washing industry investment was 264.8 billion yuan, a decrease of 12.3%.

   In 2017, coal accounted for 60.4% of the energy consumption structure; the proportion of total coal consumption in energy decreased by 1.6% from the previous year and 11.1% from 2008.

   Coal production has ranked first in the world for many years. In 2017, it was 3.45 billion tons, an increase of 3.2% over the previous year, and its consumption was 3.80 billion tons, an increase of 0.4%.

  The rising Xinjiang


At the 2017 National Mineral Resource Reserves Press Conference held in July this year, a relevant person from the Ministry of Natural Resources once stated that the three newly explored coal fields exceeding 5 billion tons in 2017 were all located in Xinjiang.

   Among the 3 coal mines with over 4 billion tons newly explored in 2016, 2 are located in Xinjiang. To

   In 2017, Xinjiang’s raw coal output was 167 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 5.6%, surpassing Guizhou and ranking fourth in the country, second only to the “three giants” of coal-Shanxi, Shaanxi and Mongolia.

   Xinjiang is gradually becoming the main area of ​​my country's new coal resources.

   Since 2008, Xinjiang’s new coal resource reserves have exceeded 450 billion tons, and the total resources are estimated to be about 2.2 trillion tons, accounting for 40% of the country's total, ranking first in the country, and Xinjiang has a rich family background.

   Xinjiang's coal resources are very rich and concentrated, showing a pattern of rich in the north and poor in the south, mainly concentrated in Turpan, Changji, Yili and Hami. To

   In May of this year, it was learned from Xinjiang Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau and Xinjiang Coal Industry Administration that Xinjiang Coalfield Geology Bureau discovered more than 500 million tons of coal resources in southern Xinjiang:

The project of "Investigation of Coal Resources in Front of Altun Mountain in Qiemo County, Xinjiang" project has obtained 185 million tons of coal resources. The exploration area is located at the junction of southern Bayingoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture and Hetian area. The coal types are non-stick coal and long flame coal Very good civil coal and power coal.

The project "Investigation and Evaluation of Intag Coal Resources in Tashidian Mining Area, Korla City, Xinjiang" project has obtained 320 million tons of coal resources. The coals are gas coal and long flame coal, which are high-quality civil coal, thermal coal and coke blending. coal,

   The "Pre-inspection of the Southeast of Pusa Coal Mine in Yecheng County, Xinjiang" has obtained 51 million tons of coal resources, which can be used for civil coal, power generation and coking coal.

The Zhundong Coalfield is the largest monolithic coalfield in my country. It is dominated by long flame coal, non-stick coal and weakly caking coal. It is mainly composed of Wucaiwan, Xiheishan, Dajing and Jiangjunmiao mining areas. The estimated resources are 390 billion tons. .

The predicted resources of the Tuha coalfield are 570.8 billion tons, accounting for 12.5% ​​of the country and 31.7% of Xinjiang. They are mainly distributed in Sandaoling, Shaer Lake, Danan Lake, Santang Lake, Naomao Lake, Yema Spring and Barkol Mine . Mainly with high calorific value coal, it is the main base for "Western Coal Transport".

   Yili Coalfield is mainly composed of Yinan, Yibei, Piliqing and Nileke mining areas, with a predicted resource of 300.9 billion tons. With a complete variety of coal, coupled with abundant water resources and port advantages, the focus is on the development of modern industrial products such as coal to olefins, coal to natural gas, and coal to oil.

   Kubai Coalfield is mainly composed of the Okhoblak, Baicheng East, Baicheng West, and Aai mining areas. The predicted resource amount is 137 billion tons. It is a coal supply base and coking base in southern Xinjiang.

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