The annual glory ceremony of Jingji Marketing Center ended successfully


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On January 13, 2019, the annual glory ceremony of Jingji Marketing Center was held in Jinghui Hotel, Jiaxing, Zhejiang. The theme of this glory ceremony is: Fight to the end. Only by working hard can dreams come true. Happiness comes from striving! Any progress or success requires accumulation and accumulation. When the accumulation reaches a certain level, you will surely see yourself with unlimited potential.


This glorious ceremony is divided into two parts. The first part is the annual meeting of the marketing center. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Ye Dayu, general manager of the marketing center. At the meeting, Mr. Ye led everyone to review the sales situation in 2018 and informed the marketing center. The achievement of various business indicators and detailed data. Generally speaking, it was implemented and implemented in accordance with the spirit of the 2018 semi-annual meeting.

For the Jingji marketing team, 2019 is both a challenge and an opportunity. The permanent magnet variable frequency direct drive system (PVD) will provoke the performance beam. Judging from the high market recognition in the country and the increasing number of successful cases in various regions, Jingji can confidently provide customers with more stable and reliable The direct drive scheme.

Of course, a number of risks must be controlled during development. Issues such as accounts receivable have been included in the company's strict monitoring. The prevention and control of these issues is the cornerstone of ensuring the company's long-term healthy and sound development.

Mr. Ye made a lot of speeches, and everyone used their mobile phones to take pictures of the most valuable parts.

Solemn moment: Each sales office signs a target responsibility letter with the company!

This is a good era, and also a difficult era, because opportunities and risks always coexist. Only by opening the road in the mountains and building bridges in the water can we achieve our goals and achieve greater success. Looking back on the 30-year development history of Jingji, it is precisely because of the spirit of innovation and refinement that milestones have been achieved one after another, and the world today is built. All this depends on three words: fight to the end. The solemn responsibility letter also represents the determination of major business units to fight to the end.

Glory Ceremony Part 2: Glory Feast

Guests slowly entered the banquet scene

Sign on the signature wall and take a group photo.

This glory ceremony was shared with the public through pictures and video live broadcasts. The ceremony was opened by Mr. Ye’s keynote speech "Reviewing 2018, Looking Forward to 2019", again clarifying that 2019 will be united and strive to the end. Mr. Ye Dumeng, chairman of the board of directors, put the finishing touches on and announced the official opening of the glory ceremony after a wonderful speech.


After the wonderful sand painting, various awards began. All awards of this grand ceremony were evaluated by the professional jury and announced one by one at the ceremony.

The awards were announced, and the guests and the winners took a group photo.

Various performances

Sands reveals words, hope for 2019

At the end of the dinner, the company executives used Hongsha and Jinsha to draw the company's goals for 2019. The blueprint has been drawn, and the struggle is at the right time. Jingji, which was established in 1988, has been more than 30 years old this year. The so-called 30 years have been established, and the achievements of more than 30 years come from the clear and firm goals of each development stage, and from the unity of thinking and hard work of everyone. Pioneering and innovative, dare to be the first. More than thirty years is both affirmation and a starting point. It is necessary to review the regrets, pain points, and shortcomings in the development process, but also to take advantage of the situation and overtake on the corners. "Say down the wind, the voice is not aggravated, but the one who hears it is clear." Taking advantage of the steady upward trend of the industry environment, we should do something, and we must do something.