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For us, the biggest praise is the customer's affirmation of the product. Since 2016, permanent magnet motors have been widely used in various industries, among which the coal industry is the most prominent. In the process of matching with customers, in addition to providing high-quality products, we also answer questions for customers, and accumulate a lot of valuable experience, which also provides convenience for creating more and better value for customers in the future , Also established Jingji's leading position in the field of large permanent magnet motors.





Coordinates: Liupan Mountain, Ningxia. Product: permanent magnet variable frequency direct drive system, application: thermal power plant air cooling island fan, main drive motor power 132kW, use time: December 2016, verified by industrial operation tracking test, the equipment is in good condition so far. Compared with asynchronous motors, the power saving can save 7000kWh every quarter. Compared with the combination of asynchronous motors and gearboxes, the permanent magnet variable frequency direct drive system saves about 30% of electricity.

Through data comparison and analysis of asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors, permanent magnet motors can achieve high efficiency and energy saving, reduce maintenance costs and the workload of maintenance personnel, and ensure the efficient conduct of customer production activities. In addition, the equipment continues to work stably and safely, so that customers have no worries. This is also a good result of Jingji's pursuit of high-quality products.