Permanent Magnet Coupler

GX series basic type permanent magnet coupler

The main element of the basic type permanent magnet coupler is a conductor rotor and a surrounding permanent magnet rotor. The conductor rotor is a steel rotor with a copper ring, which is connected to the motor shaft. The permanent magnet rotor is an aluminum rotor with permanent magnet materials. Connected to the shaft of the working machine, the permanent magnet rotor and the conductor rotor form a fixed gap and never contact. When the motor rotates, the relative movement between the rotors can induce eddy currents in the conductors, and the magnetic fields generated by the eddy currents interact with the permanent magnet magnetic fields to realize torque transmission.

MTC series constant permanent magnet coupler

The constant permanent magnet coupler is composed of two symmetrical disc structures, which can change the output torque by adjusting the air gap between the conductor rotor and the permanent magnet rotor in a small range, so as to realize the torque transmission between the motor and the load. The driving end and the driven end are each composed of two hubs with clearance fit for easy installation. They are connected to the motor shaft and the load shaft by a locking disc, and do not require any keyway or pin for fixing. When the load exceeds a certain torque limit value, the magnetic induction force will produce an axial repulsive force to enlarge the air gap, so that the load is completely separated from the motor, and the motor is protected from damage.
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