Rigid coupling

This product is suitable for connecting medium and low speed transmission shaft systems with low rigidity and high neutrality requirements. F05 rigid coupling transmits large torque, but does not have radial, axial, and angular compensation performance, and cannot buffer vibration. It is often used for transmission with stable load, no impact, and high transmission accuracy. Because the installation method of the hub adopts the principle of expansion sleeve, the quick disassembly and assembly characteristics of the expansion sleeve can better protect the safe use of the host equipment and prolong its service life, saving users in the application of low-speed shaft transmission of floating conveyor A lot of precious time.

Bibby coupling

Bibby coupling is a kind of "metal flexible coupling". Its special structure design combines the high torque of gear coupling and the flexibility of elastic coupling. It is one of the most advanced transmission coupling parts in the field of mechanical transmission. . Based on the original advantages and performance, the T05 series quick disassembly and assembly Bibby coupling independently developed by Jingji Company and verified by the market for many years completely solves the problem of difficulty in disassembly and assembly of traditional couplings, and is more economical and reliable.
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